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Divinity and Humanity: Enemies or Allies

When we read of humanity's creation in the opening chapters of Genesis, we find it was God's masterpiece. The hands, feet, eyes, ears, and other parts of His brilliant design walked and worked with Him in perfect harmony. Of course humanity, unlike divinity, had limitations. It required sleep, food, care, security, and interaction with other humans. But this wasn't a problem because it lived with complete confidence in God.   


But the story took a turn when evil entered the world, and that confidence was lost. The hands that had been intended for good began to inflict pain on others, and the eyes drifted toward coveting and lust. What God had created for good was hijacked by the evil one and used to dishonor its creator.


So, is humanity a lost cause? Is it something we just have to endure until we finally discard it and relocate to heaven? Not even close!


Humanity is neutral, a vehicle that can be used for good or evil. When my car was stolen and used in a robbery, it wasn't my car's fault. For years it had been used to transport family and friends and meet the needs of others. But when evil got behind the wheel, it violated the law and crashed into an electronics store.   


Romans 6-8 chronicles the power of two natures—the old and the new—that reside in every follower of Jesus. Words like "carnal" and "fleshly" (Romans 8:5-8, I Cor 3:1-3) don't refer to the human vehicle but to what happens when the sinful nature controls it.


But it doesn't have to be that way. While Satan hijacked humanity to use it against God, the new nature—driven by the  Holy Spirit—is given to every follower of Jesus so it can be reclaimed to again walk and work with Him:  

  • When God wanted to relocate His people from Egypt to Canaan, He put His divinity in humanity: Moses. 

  • When God wanted to deliver His people from annihilation under the rule of Persia, He put His divinity in humanity: Esther. 

  • When God wanted to introduce the gospel to the Gentiles, He put His divinity in humanity: the Apostle Paul. 

  • When God wanted to redeem the world, He put His divinity in humanity: Jesus. 

  • When God wants the wonder of Jesus to reach every person on the planet, He puts His divinity in humanity: you and me.            


Spirit-controlled humanity is our greatest asset for accomplishing the purposes of God. This means both the human AND divine sides of our nature must be respected, nourished, protected, and enjoyed if we are to step into the life God has for us:


     For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the

     good things He planned for us long ago.       Ephesians 2:10 (NLT)


The human side requires physical sustenance and emotional stability. It is fragile and experiences fatigue, fear, injury, and disease. It enjoys good food and beverage, good friends, a good laugh, and a good football game. There is nothing "sinful" about any of these: they are simply aspects of the human design.


The divine side thrives on intimacy with God and provides a multi-dimensional reality that reaches far beyond human understanding. It is indestructible, longing to live in the eternal and make a difference that transcends the human senses and engages in the heart of God.


The problem comes when we allow the sinful nature to steal our humanity and use it in ways that violate the purposes of God:

  • stealing and defrauding in an attempt to meet our human needs and desires

  • lying and deceiving to bolster our sense of self-worth

  • seeking sexual intimacy outside the commitment of marriage

  • valuing the applause of people more than the approval of God          


Humanity is not the enemy but our greatest ally. Spirit-controlled humanity, with all its limitations,  is what God uses to showcase His wonder to the world through loving, serving, caring, meeting needs, and communicating the good news. Nearly everything to advance the kingdom of God on earth is achieved through the vehicle of divinity living in humanity.


Someday, the human part of our journey will end. But until then, it is God's divine delivery system to bring His fullness to the people He loves and longs to redeem.

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